Beach Couples Photo Session at Evangola State Park

When you’re already married, you don’t need an excuse for a photoshoot! Although, Jordan and Dom are coming up on their three year anniversary. The two of them have been together since high school, and got married in August of 2018. They decided to do a beach photoshoot with me at Cherry Creek just for the fun of it! It’s also super fun getting to take pictures of friends you have known for so long.

Jordan was the first friend I made while in college. I remember walking down the hallway of my dorm and peaking my head into her room, and asking her if she wanted to go get lunch with me in the dining hall. I felt super awkward, but I had just made a lifelong friend, and now she’s going to be in my wedding!

This also isn’t their first rodeo with taking pictures. They’ve done photos for their own engagement, and have also posed for me in the past when I was first starting to do photography. Can’t thank them enough for doing all the those first photoshoots when I was learning. Now, they are also some pretty amazing models. Take a look at how awesome these beach photos came out!

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