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We love telling your story so I think its only fair that you know a little bit about ours.

We met when we were in college, and most of those who know us would say that cheesy line "and the rest was history." It took only a few months for each of us to realize that we were each others person - we have so many amazing memories of our first years together at school - staying up till 5 am talking, going to Bills games, ordering late night snacks & chatting. Maybe it was that first date we went on at Chipotle that really did it, LOL.  But, if we love anything most its new travel adventures, and of course experiencing those adventures with each other. 

What we care about most is living life to the fullest - and that is what we want to document. We want to bring you not only an EPIC experience of loving us as your photo-video vendors, but content that makes you want to replay it over and over.

Your story is made up of all the little moments put together, and we want to capture every part of it. The real, the candid, the happy, the unknown - each and every aspect. It deserves to be cherished for years to come.

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